Meals today. Breakfast 2 boiled eggs (white only) and veggie juice. Lunch is grilled salmon and sawi. Dinner is popia chicken/purple cabbage popia rolls and veggie juice. Advertisements

#Danish Lara

Random pictures of Baby Danish with Baby Lara…

#Sunday Gym

Supposed to be track and field training session with ASHS Health & Fitness team today but because of rain, venue change to Tru Fitness Gym.


Meals…. Breakfast 2 slices of bread, lunch chicken/cabbage popia rolls, bread and veggie juice and Super Salmon Bowl from Little Audery’s for early dinner.


Circuit Training with Machines tonight was Leg Day!! 1st Round 10sec jog 10sec QF 30sec Equipment x 10 Rest 3 Mins 2nd Round 10sec jog Down 10sec QF Down 30sec Equipment x 10 1 Minute squat Rest 3 Min 3rd Round 30secs Equipment x 10 20 Jump Squats x 4 sets Done!  


FBX with ASH last night…..   And this is our warm up video… thought I recorded our FBX session but found out that I forgot to click the record button!! Silly me.


Meals for today. Breakfast 2 slice bread. Lunch is grilled chicken/potaotes/veggies and salad. Dinner (post FBX) is just boiled egg whites and veggie juice.

#Start Now

You know when you say “tunggu tah ku fit baru ku start” or “turun kan tah dulu barat ku baru ku join” or “malu ku eh” or “nada masa bah” yes I have used all those excuses. Its the same as when you say “bah Monday saja ku start” but which Monday? If you want…


Meals…. its a no carbs day today. Breakfast Lunch Early dinner as we have tahlil later. Yes we have been good…. managed to munch on these despite the great buffet spread and desserts served.


Joined Ashs training on Tuesday. Shuffle runs followed by HIIT. Was really tired when doing HIIT, not sure if its because we did rounds of shuffle runs before that or I was just plain tired. Anyway, it was a good workout with sweats….