Something I posted in our #ASHSHF chat group today.

#FridaySharing…… i want to share with you all lagi pasal clean eating ani and also pasal weight loss…. i started masa Dec-15 at 76kg (42.5% body fat) and now +/- 67kg approx 9kg saja lost (sikit kannn). pernah sampai stress jua sebab timbangan inda mau turun2. turun nya pun lambatttt…. so for those yang like me, eat clean sudah tapi masih jua lambat kan turun weight, please jangan stop….. carry on saja with the healthy lifestyle…. sebab i remember coach ash once said that our body is being repaired thru our clean eating… berapa lama sudah kitani makan inda tantu so dont expect results to come over night…. weight is not the only thing yang patut tani pantau, body fat is just important…. im showing you my picture dari Mar-16 with 40.7% body fat (72.8kg) and yang baru ani Mar-17 with 37.9% body fat (67.6kg). Walaupun only 5kg difference but the 2.9% body fat reduce makes a huge difference. So far since dec-15 lost 4.6% body fat…. masih banyak lagi kan di kurangkan slowly but surely.