Its Monday, 31 July 2017. It has been about 2 weeks since I have been trying to start back my healthy eating habits but I keep on slipping. I have just started being active again since last week and joining training and FBX with Ashs Health & Fitness and wishfully praying to get back to my ‘3 months ago’ weight which was around 65 to 67kg with body fat percentage of 37-38%. My goal is to reach at least 30% body fat. Last week I did really well, losing 1kg in a week by eating healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner but still unable to completely stop snacking on unnecessary processed food. I joined 3 training sessions with ASHS Health & Fitness so I’m guessing that was what made me lose 1kg. (71.4kg to 70.4kg).

Although yesterday Sunday started off really good with Circuit Training with Equipment with PGA and then followed by Boot Camp at HAF with BJ Family, I spoiled it by having a very heavy brunch at Jing Chiew followed by another heavy dinner at Pondok Sari Wangi Jerudong and ending the night with eating Durians.

Woke up this morning and stepped on to the scales and nearly cried….

I am at my highest this morning at 72.0kg / 40.2% Body Fat / 43.8% Water. This is really a wake up call. So I’m challenging myself starting today. Aiming to at least losing minimum of 0.5 – 1 kg per week. Please pray for me!! #prayforCT