Sunday, 13 August 2017 is our first weigh in session with PGA. When we started on 30 July, I gave a rough figure which was 70kg. My fat percentage at that time was also about 40%. Anyway, I was really excited to see my results yesterday. PGA used a different kind of weighing machine to the one I used at home. His was Omron where you have to hold up a cable with your hands (hope this makes sense), mine is a simpe Tanita with only the foot sensor to measure fat.

Results were:



70.2kg weight and 32.3% fat. My weight up slightly 0.2kg but whoa look at that fat percentage reading. From 40% to 32.3%? If this is correct then I am a happy women. But I used my own scales for the 30 July readings so I’m eagerly waiting for the next weigh in session with PGA.

We had our 7th Session of Circuit Training with Equipment this morning.