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Motivating People To Be Fit | AsHs Health and Fitness program

For some, trying to find that interest to do something can be a challenge – even if they do enjoy doing it. With that in mind, where do you find that motivation to get healthy? Even after you have been categorically classed as overweight with further health complications added in the mix.

Of course, you are not alone. Getting fit can be tough, but there are many ways to get motivated. You can set up your own personal goals or try the latest diet fad, but realistically speaking, this can only get you so far without proper guidance or any form of support.

AsHs Health and Fitness program is one of the local health programs founded by Coach Ash Sharbini. Many would think that a typical fitness program would solely focus on that notion ‘to lose weight,’ as their goal. With AsHs Health and Fitness program, however, pushes its participants to aim to be healthy with the weight loss as a bonus.

Coach Ash started small, by training her close circle of friends and before long, the group expanded. With the initial reluctance of going further, Coach Ash’s interest to train others escalated after seeing the immediate results of her coaching. Equipped with a sense of achievement from her participants’ continuous progresses, she began to understand the importance of helping others to be healthy.

The key aspects of the program are focused on motivating people to be more fit, disciplined and getting support from the coach as well as the people in the program. This in turn creates a better goal and environment for the participants.

While she is motivated to train others, she also pressed on to encourage others to do the same. A sense of belonging was also the key factor to inspire and further encourage many of her participants. Alaina, one of the program’s participants highlighted that Coach Ash has thoroughly supported her mentally and emotionally. In our interview with Alaina, she was emotionally overwhelmed and highly praised Coach Ash for her compassion towards her participants. The trait that Coach Ash has is vital to help participants like her stay motivated and continue to work in the program.

The program also emphasised on the importance of self-discipline. Coach Ash mentioned that there are times where people would refuse to do anything or often relying on excuses of ‘being too busy’. However, with proper self-discipline and proper planning in check, they would have the ability to get up and join the sessions.

Coach Ash then insisted that the most important factor for any health or motivational program is the overall support. By having a connection on a personal and professional level helps Coach Ash to further improve her program and her relationship with the participants. Treating them as part of the community without any form of judgement has helped her group to be more confident with themselves and has positively shaped their self-esteem.

Through kindness and care, Ash continues to motivate her participants, who she now sees as her friends to be healthy and continuously to be fit even after the program concludes.

AsHs health and fitness focuses on two separate programs; nutritional food plans and exercises varying from outdoor activities to indoor gyms.

For more information on the program, do visit the program’s Facebook and Instagram or Whatsapp them directly at +6738777027.