#Danish Lara

Random pictures of Baby Danish with Baby Lara… Advertisements

#Not Well

Was not feeling well yesterday and did not go to work but got to spend time with this cheeky boy.


Celebrated my mum’s birthday on the Hari Raya Aidil Adha 02.09.2017. Happy 65th Birthday to my mummy… Semoga sentiasa dalam rahmat dan lindungan Allah SWT. Allahumma Aamiin.

#Eidul Adha

Eid Mubarak Eidul Adha to all my family and muslim friends….


Spent the Saturday afternoon with the kids and grandsons at Jerudong Waterpark.


Coming home after a long day at work to these babies at home makes all worries go away… And especially this precious guy here who is growing up so fast…. He’ll be 5 months soon…. May you grow up to be a strong and soleh boy Danish… Aamiin.

#Boot Camp

BJ Family organised a Boot Camp session at HAF Sweat Box yesterday Sunday 9.30am. This was our second family boot camp session. Overall we had fun and sweat. And of course a family outing would not be complete without a ‘makan’ session.

#Makan Trip

We went for a short Makan Trip to KL during HM’s Birthday weekend. Head on over to Nanee’s blog for a more detailed write up.

#Musang king

Guess what we had at McDonald’s KLIA? Yup correct, that’s Musang King durian courtesy of Mira’s friend. Rezeki…


The many faces of Muhammad Danish during our ‘Makan Trip” to KL.