#Danish Lara

Random pictures of Baby Danish with Baby Lara… Advertisements


Coming home after a long day at work to these babies at home makes all worries go away… And especially this precious guy here who is growing up so fast…. He’ll be 5 months soon…. May you grow up to be a strong and soleh boy Danish… Aamiin.


Momo was being a bit clingy this morning. Jumping and wanted to be carried when I was ready to go to work.


My ever so manja Baby Giant…. Geisha Kimora


So in love with this Somali beauty….. Glafira.


67.4kg / 37.9% Breakfast is Wholemeal Toast and veggie juice plus green tea in the office. Lunch is Air Fried chicken and nasi keladi plus veggie juice. FBX with Ash at night Dinner had left over ‘udang masak merah plus rice’ sikit saja.


Our Princess Momo


68.2kg/38.2% Breakfast a bit ‘rajin’ today, peanut butter and banana wholemeal toast  with green tea. Mid-Morning Snack. Pineapples That’s my green tea on the left and water to sip through out morning. Oh and my cute nephew Eshan delivered my beet root juice to the office this morning. Lunch is is air fried chicken and…


Trying to get a selfie with Emma before work