#Sunday Gym

Supposed to be track and field training session with ASHS Health & Fitness team today but because of rain, venue change to Tru Fitness Gym. Advertisements


FBX with ASH last night…..   And this is our warm up video… thought I recorded our FBX session but found out that I forgot to click the record button!! Silly me.


Joined Ashs training on Tuesday. Shuffle runs followed by HIIT. Was really tired when doing HIIT, not sure if its because we did rounds of shuffle runs before that or I was just plain tired. Anyway, it was a good workout with sweats….


My coach advised me to tweek my diet a bit last saturday… so I did. Guess what? Weigh in session on Tuesday, I lost 1.4kg since last week’s weigh in. I’m guessing its the diet…. will reveal soon if I still get great results next week. Finally the numbers a moving a lil bit faster….


Went for training with Ashs Health & Fitness yesterday at the Indoor Stadium. And its weigh in session. Im posting my chart here…. slow progress is better than no progress right? Yup that’s what I keep telling myself. #thestruggleisreal And there’s a video which I made dedicated especially to new members of Ashs Health &…


Went to FBX & ABS session by Ash last night. I have not done FBX for quite a long time. As usual, awesome session with lots of sweat and fun. Unfortunately no pictures during the session but lots of pictures after…..

#ASHS Health & Fitness

Ashs Health & Fitness was featured at Sutera.Co   Motivating People To Be Fit | AsHs Health and Fitness program For some, trying to find that interest to do something can be a challenge – even if they do enjoy doing it. With that in mind, where do you find that motivation to get healthy?…

#Sprint & Dive

Workout with ASHS Health & Fitness on Tuesday, 15.08.2017. Burpees penalty because some members did not post their meals! Weigh in time  My results from ASHS.HF 39.8% fat compared to PGA’s results 32% fat. Still not sure which one is correct.

#HAF Bootcamp

Boot camp at HAF SweatBox with ASHS Health & Fitness. Came in late due to work and managed to do 3 rounds.

#Circuit Training

Circuit Training with Ashs Health & Fitness at Stadium yesterday 08.08.17.


FBX session with Ash last Friday. Great crowd and awesome workout as usual. Picture with June and Hafiez who has succeeded in losing a considerable amount of weight with Ashs Health & Fitness Programme. They will not be continuing the programme but will occasionally join as walk in. So proud of them full of discipline.