#Start Now

You know when you say “tunggu tah ku fit baru ku start” or “turun kan tah dulu barat ku baru ku join” or “malu ku eh” or “nada masa bah” yes I have used all those excuses. Its the same as when you say “bah Monday saja ku start” but which Monday? If you want…


My coach advised me to tweek my diet a bit last saturday… so I did. Guess what? Weigh in session on Tuesday, I lost 1.4kg since last week’s weigh in. I’m guessing its the diet…. will reveal soon if I still get great results next week. Finally the numbers a moving a lil bit faster….

#My Stats

My stats this morning. Did a little tweek on my diet as advised by my coach. I think its working… Weight 67.8kg / Fat 38.3% / Water 45.2%   Previous stat last week here.


Went for training with Ashs Health & Fitness yesterday at the Indoor Stadium. And its weigh in session. Im posting my chart here…. slow progress is better than no progress right? Yup that’s what I keep telling myself. #thestruggleisreal And there’s a video which I made dedicated especially to new members of Ashs Health &…

#My Stats

My stats as on 02.09.2017 based on morning weigh in on my scale at home. Alhamdulillah. Weight 68.9kg / Fat 38.6% / Water 44.9%  

#Weigh In

Sunday, 13 August 2017 is our first weigh in session with PGA. When we started on 30 July, I gave a rough figure which was 70kg. My fat percentage at that time was also about 40%. Anyway, I was really excited to see my results yesterday. PGA used a different kind of weighing machine to…


Yes thats my new hashtag #roadto60… kg. Further to my previous post, I have slowly gotten back on track with my diet and exercise. Although not fully but so happy with my weigh in this morning. Back to below 70kg hopefully I can lose more especially the fat percentage. #prayforCT #roadto60


Something I posted in our #ASHSHF chat group today. #FridaySharing…… i want to share with you all lagi pasal clean eating ani and also pasal weight loss…. i started masa Dec-15 at 76kg (42.5% body fat) and now +/- 67kg approx 9kg saja lost (sikit kannn). pernah sampai stress jua sebab timbangan inda mau turun2….


Breakfast is plain toast again…. plus banana and veggie juice. Managed to drop by supsave this morning to grab this…. yeayyyy Received amazing news just now from the brother who has finally joined me in this clean eating thing. I’ll let you all be the judge. This is just 2 weeks into clean eating, amazing…


I want to INSPIRE people. I want someone to look at me and say “Because of you I didn’t give up”.

#Slow Progress is still Progress

I started this journey to a healthy lifestyle in December 2015 and its been over a year of wonderful journey.  There are times when I wanted to give up because the scales are just not moving. But when I go through old pictures, I can see that there are major improvements. Healthy lifestyle is not…