Meals today. Breakfast 2 boiled eggs (white only) and veggie juice. Lunch is grilled salmon and sawi. Dinner is popia chicken/purple cabbage popia rolls and veggie juice. Advertisements


Meals…. Breakfast 2 slices of bread, lunch chicken/cabbage popia rolls, bread and veggie juice and Super Salmon Bowl from Little Audery’s for early dinner.


Meals for today. Breakfast 2 slice bread. Lunch is grilled chicken/potaotes/veggies and salad. Dinner (post FBX) is just boiled egg whites and veggie juice.


Meals…. its a no carbs day today. Breakfast Lunch Early dinner as we have tahlil later. Yes we have been good…. managed to munch on these despite the great buffet spread and desserts served.


My meals for today. Breakfast is bread and veggies juice. Lunch is grilled salmon, grilled potatoes and cabbage. Dinner is left over salmon from lunch plus veggie juice.


My meals…. Breakfast 2 slice of Toast. Lunch is grilled chicken, potatoes and salad. Dinner is chicken salad.


My meals… Breakfast as usual is Multiseed Grain bread from supasave and a tub of veggie juice. Had black coffee no sugar at office. Lunch had grilled chicken / potatoes and salad and dinner was the chicken/cabbage spring roll plus another tub of veggie juice.


Alhamdulillah managed to fast today….. Pictures are of my sahur and iftar.


Meals for Thursday, 31.08.2017. Breakfast as usual 2 pieces of plain wholemeal bread. For lunch, I decided to take out the happycall and grilled my chicken and potatoes instead of air fry. The potatoes is pre-boiled earlier. For dinner (after FBX) I had the chicken and cabbage wrapped in spring roll with a tub of…


Meals on Tuesday, 29.08.2017 And I had some of this!!!