#Makan Trip

We went for a short Makan Trip to KL during HM’s Birthday weekend. Head on over to Nanee’s blog for a more detailed write up.

#Tokyo Secret

Remember my post on Hokkaido Cheese Tarts. I thought that this was the most yummiest Cheese Tart ever until I tried this….. Tokyo Secret Cheese Tart is thee best. Eaten straight out from the oven, the crust and cheese is simply delicious… It goes for RM5.80 each (if I’m not mistaken). I had total of…

#Musang king

Guess what we had at McDonald’s KLIA? Yup correct, that’s Musang King durian courtesy of Mira’s friend. Rezeki…


The many faces of Muhammad Danish during our ‘Makan Trip” to KL.


Just because the lobsters were so good. This was during our UK trip in November 2016. Yes I’m allowed to eat on my holidays!  Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean you cannot enjoy food… just make sure its in moderation and PAYBACK as soon as possible.

#Liverpool & Manchester

28th November…. London-Liverpool-Manchester-London Visited Liverpool Anfield Stadium and Manchester Old Trafford Stadium.   Anfield Stadium Liverpool.   Old Trafford Manchester

#Paris Day Trip

Sharing a short video clip on our Day Trip to Paris on 01 December 2016.

#Paris Landmarks

Alhamdulillah for the rezeki to finally visit these beautiful places in Paris. Musee du Louvre Arc de Triomphe Tour Eiffel Sacré-Cœur Basilica


01 December 2016, we went for a Day Trip to Paris from London. We took the Eurostar Train. I booked tickets online from Eurostar.Com. The earlier you book, the cheaper the tickets. We took the morning train departing at 05.40hr which reaches Paris at 09.17hr and returning at night 21.13hr departing Paris Nord Station and…

#Tour Eiffel

From Paris with love….. (red nose coz it was super cold)

#Belgian Chocolate

Strawberries and Marshmellows with warm Belgian chocolate at Winter Wonderland.