My coach advised me to tweek my diet a bit last saturday… so I did. Guess what? Weigh in session on Tuesday, I lost 1.4kg since last week’s weigh in. I’m guessing its the diet…. will reveal soon if I still get great results next week. Finally the numbers a moving a lil bit faster….


Sunday morning Circuit Training with Machines with PGA and its a burpees kinda morning. 15 pgaSquad, 15 machines, burpees, squats, 3 rounds.

#My Stats

My stats this morning. Did a little tweek on my diet as advised by my coach. I think its working… Weight 67.8kg / Fat 38.3% / Water 45.2%   Previous stat last week here.


My meals for today. Breakfast is bread and veggies juice. Lunch is grilled salmon, grilled potatoes and cabbage. Dinner is left over salmon from lunch plus veggie juice.


Circuit Training with Machines by PGA last Tuesday night. 10secs jog / 10secs QF / 10sec butt kicks 30 secs Machine Repeat 15 Machines 30 secs JJ 3 Mins Rest 20secs JJ 30secs Machine Repeat 15 Machines 1 min JJ Done


My meals…. Breakfast 2 slice of Toast. Lunch is grilled chicken, potatoes and salad. Dinner is chicken salad.


Went for training with Ashs Health & Fitness yesterday at the Indoor Stadium. And its weigh in session. Im posting my chart here…. slow progress is better than no progress right? Yup that’s what I keep telling myself. #thestruggleisreal And there’s a video which I made dedicated especially to new members of Ashs Health &…


My meals… Breakfast as usual is Multiseed Grain bread from supasave and a tub of veggie juice. Had black coffee no sugar at office. Lunch had grilled chicken / potatoes and salad and dinner was the chicken/cabbage spring roll plus another tub of veggie juice.

#Not Well

Was not feeling well yesterday and did not go to work but got to spend time with this cheeky boy.


As always, a great session of Circuit Training with Equipments at the gym by PGA on a Sunday morning. ​#10secJog #Down #10secQF #Down #45secMachinex17 #1minJJ #Rest 3min #10secJog #10secBurpees #45secMachinex17 #1minJJ #Rest3min #15secJumpSquats #30secMachinex17 #1minJJ #Done


Celebrated my mum’s birthday on the Hari Raya Aidil Adha 02.09.2017. Happy 65th Birthday to my mummy… Semoga sentiasa dalam rahmat dan lindungan Allah SWT. Allahumma Aamiin.

#My Stats

My stats as on 02.09.2017 based on morning weigh in on my scale at home. Alhamdulillah. Weight 68.9kg / Fat 38.6% / Water 44.9%