69.1kg / 38.6% Breakfast in the office. Lunch Black coffee in the afternoon. PT with PGA and guess what, I have a new gym partner. We did back today. Dinner Advertisements


Breakfast is PB wholemeal toast and green tea. (No picture) Lunch is No SOS chicken curry, bean sprouts and nasi keladi. Black coffee in tha afternoon and few slices of this sweet pinapples before my PT. PT with PGA today (back) Dinner (post work out meal) is boiled egg whites and a little bit of…


Breakfast 1 slice Multiseed GI Bread and veggie juice. Green tea as usual once I reach the office. Mid morning snack is pineapples. Dinner is Nasi keladi, air fried chicken and bean sprouts. Black coffee in the afternoon. PT with PGA (back) Dinner is left over bean sprouts, veggie juice and 2 boiled egg whites….


Back workout with PGA yesterday followed by 20 reps x 3 sets of jump squats with resistance band and 500 TWISTS


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