#BJ Bootcamp

After my pgaCT on Sunday, rushed to HAF for our BJ Family Bootcamp. We manged to do 6 rounds of 8 exercises. Fun fun fun. After bootcamp, went to Paming/Buaming’s crib for an impromptu late breakfast. Before that dropped by Supasave coz some has to eat healthy. Whilst everyone else had yummy french toast, baked…

#HAF Bootcamp

Boot camp at HAF SweatBox with ASHS Health & Fitness. Came in late due to work and managed to do 3 rounds.

#Boot Camp

BJ Family organised a Boot Camp session at HAF Sweat Box yesterday Sunday 9.30am. This was our second family boot camp session. Overall we had fun and sweat. And of course a family outing would not be complete without a ‘makan’ session.


Went for Bootcamp at HAF yesterday with ASHS HF.


67.6kg/37.9% Breakfast is the usual, bread and beetroot juice with green tea once i reach office. Lunch from Rama Ratu today. They have a cube at Ajwa Madang so if you are lazy to cook, then this is an option. Black coffee I take in the afternoon. Bootcamp session at HAF Sweat Box tonight. Dinner…


So we had our first bootcamp session at HAF Sweat Box last saturday with ASHS.HF group. It was a one hour session. Quite fun but macam inda cukup hahaha… With the owner Helmi. Full of energy!