Trying to get back on track…. #prayforCT Advertisements

#Meals (27.01.2017)

Breakfast is bread and veggie juice Mid Morning snacks – Pineapples Lunch – Roast Chicken, potatoes and eggplant with tomato salsa No SOS Roast Chicken from Tzaharah Kitchen My favourite grilled egg plant with tomato salsa Training with PGA (Arms) Dinner was left over roast chicken and veggie juice.

#Meals (26.01.2017)

Breakfast as usual, 2 slice of Multiseed GI Bread and veggie juice Green tea and orange for mid morning snack   Lunch was steam chicken from SCR and veggie juice. Again had one orange before heading for DG Training. Dinner was left over steam chicken from lunch plus veggie juice.

#Meals (25.01.2017)

Usual breakfast Mid Morning Snack Lunch Afternoon Snack FBX Session at 7pm Dinner ordered With lots of water through out the day.

#Meals (24.01.2017)

Breakfast is 2 slices of GI Grain Bread and veggie juice. Green tea (BOH is may favourite so far and price is ok) and pineapples for mid-morning snack. For lunch. I just put chicken in a pot with ‘rempah sup’ and bring to boil. Sayur labu air with carrots, sliced onions, sliced chili, sprinkle a…

#Meals (23.01.2017)

Breakfast is as usual two slices of GI Grain Bread and veggie juice. Black coffee and pineapple (not all) for my mid morning snack Lunch was air fried chicken, grilled egg plant. Had another mug of black coffee. Went for to gym training (back) Dinner was chicken from the gym, left overs eggplant from lunch…

#Meals (20.01.2017)

Breakfast is 2 slice of plain wholemeal toast plus veggie juice This is the lemon/lemongrass/ginger water which I take throughout the day.  Had one green apple for mid morning snack For lunch had chicken from chicken soup and sayur labu air with added pieces of prawn. Unfortunately snacked on 5 pieces of pineapple tart!!! Afternoon…

#Meals (19.01.2017)

Breakfast today is Granola with hot water and banana plus veggie juice. #indanyaman Then had green apple for my mid morning snack  Lunch is air fried chicken marinade with flavorgod (Chipotle & Garlic Lover) and sayur sawi which I added dried shrimps for taste. No carbs today (my coach will surely get mad at me…

#Meals (18.01.2017)

My meals for 18.01.2017. Brekafast was Granola and banana plus veggie juice. Just before lunch had one cold pressed juice (carrot + apple). Lunch was from substation. Again had one green apple for mid afternoon snack. Felt a bit hungry in the afternoon so took 2 pcs of whole meal bread as my pre-workout before…

#Meals (16.01.2017)

Breakfast was GI Bread 2 pcs plus veggie juice. Lunch: Air Fried Chicken and potatoes plus stir fired cabbage.   Dinner was chicken from True Fitness and Veggie Juice.

#Meals (13.01.2017)

My normal and simple breakfast. Mid Morning Snack….. plus green tea and lemon/lemongrass/garlic infused water Lunch prep…. Air fried chicken and potatoes with sawi putih.


Trying something new for breakfast. Been trying to take rolled oats but not able to swallow it. So as advised by my Coach, I tried this Granola. I also don’t drink milk so tried this with bananas this morning. Not bad but a bit dry…. Will make an effort to try it with skimmed milk…