FBX with ASH last night…..   And this is our warm up video… thought I recorded our FBX session but found out that I forgot to click the record button!! Silly me. Advertisements


Went to FBX & ABS session by Ash last night. I have not done FBX for quite a long time. As usual, awesome session with lots of sweat and fun. Unfortunately no pictures during the session but lots of pictures after…..


FBX session with Ash last Friday. Great crowd and awesome workout as usual. Picture with June and Hafiez who has succeeded in losing a considerable amount of weight with Ashs Health & Fitness Programme. They will not be continuing the programme but will occasionally join as walk in. So proud of them full of discipline.


67.4kg / 37.9% Breakfast is Wholemeal Toast and veggie juice plus green tea in the office. Lunch is Air Fried chicken and nasi keladi plus veggie juice. FBX with Ash at night Dinner had left over ‘udang masak merah plus rice’ sikit saja.


68.2kg/38.2% Breakfast a bit ‘rajin’ today, peanut butter and banana wholemeal toast  with green tea. Mid-Morning Snack. Pineapples That’s my green tea on the left and water to sip through out morning. Oh and my cute nephew Eshan delivered my beet root juice to the office this morning. Lunch is is air fried chicken and…


Breakfast, PB on Multiseed GI Bread and green tea Lunch is the healthy packed lunch from Rama Ratu. Delicious as always. Who says clean eating has to be boring? This lunch set is prepared by one of my DG sisters. Prepared without any additional salt/oil/sugar. But you have to be quick because its always sold…

#FBX with Ash

Awesome turnout last night for the FBX & Abs session with Coach Ash.  


Was contemplating whether to go for my PT or FBX yesterday. I really don’t want to miss my PT with PGA but I felt that I must join FBX session with Coach Ash. In the end, FBX it is. Really felt guilty with PGA. Sorry PGA, will not happen again.  I came because of this…


FBX session with Coach Ash and these awesome energetic ladies plus two gents!


Joined an FBX session with Coach Ash last Friday. Awesome workout, sweat buckets. Brought the girls too.

Bandarku Ceria

Supporting the #bandarkuceria last 23 October 2016 with an FBX Session conducted by Coach Ash, Coach Rina & Coach Lyin followed by a short walk in Bandar with lil Adam.


FBX and Abs Clinic