#Sunday Gym

Supposed to be track and field training session with ASHS Health & Fitness team today but because of rain, venue change to Tru Fitness Gym. Advertisements

#Gym Session

So was supposed to go hiking a t Bukit Shahbandar last Sunday but it rained so we went to the gym instead.


Breakfast is PB wholemeal toast and green tea. (No picture) Lunch is No SOS chicken curry, bean sprouts and nasi keladi. Black coffee in tha afternoon and few slices of this sweet pinapples before my PT. PT with PGA today (back) Dinner (post work out meal) is boiled egg whites and a little bit of…

#Gym @ DG

Again Tasek session cancelled Sunday morning due to rain so its another gym session with DG Fitness. Team Coach Eddy

#Wednesday Gym

Just a selfie after finishing my Back plus Abs workout with PGA.

#Gym with DG

Sunday morning Gym workout with these awesome people Healthy Lunch Pack It was so good!


Back workout with PGA yesterday followed by 20 reps x 3 sets of jump squats with resistance band and 500 TWISTS


18.01.2017 #Shoulders #300Twists #200Jumping Jacks


16.01.2017 (Back)

Gym Session

Gym Session with DG Fitness Programme yesterday 01 Muharram 1438H. Alhamdulillah a good start to a brand new year.