Circuit Training with Machines tonight was Leg Day!! 1st Round 10sec jog 10sec QF 30sec Equipment x 10 Rest 3 Mins 2nd Round 10sec jog Down 10sec QF Down 30sec Equipment x 10 1 Minute squat Rest 3 Min 3rd Round 30secs Equipment x 10 20 Jump Squats x 4 sets Done!   Advertisements


Sunday morning Circuit Training with Machines with PGA and its a burpees kinda morning. 15 pgaSquad, 15 machines, burpees, squats, 3 rounds.


Circuit Training with Machines by PGA last Tuesday night. 10secs jog / 10secs QF / 10sec butt kicks 30 secs Machine Repeat 15 Machines 30 secs JJ 3 Mins Rest 20secs JJ 30secs Machine Repeat 15 Machines 1 min JJ Done


As always, a great session of Circuit Training with Equipments at the gym by PGA on a Sunday morning. ​#10secJog #Down #10secQF #Down #45secMachinex17 #1minJJ #Rest 3min #10secJog #10secBurpees #45secMachinex17 #1minJJ #Rest3min #15secJumpSquats #30secMachinex17 #1minJJ #Done


1st session of season 2 for Group 1 PGA Circuit Training with Equipments. Its all about the legs in this session.

#pgaCT – Session 12

I missed the Weigh in and 12the Session of PGA Circuit Training last Friday night due to attending Wedding function at ICC. So my weigh in will be this coming Wednesday. #prayforCT

#pgaCT – Session 11

Session 11 of Circuit Training with Equipment by PGA was more into machines. Divided into 4 groups of 3 people with 4 Games. 3 games for Chest, 3 games for Shoulders, 3 games for Back and 3 games for Biceps. Ended with a bit of cardio… 1 minute Jumping Jacks, rest 1 minute, 1 minute…

#pgaCT – Session 10

Session 10 last Friday with PGA’s Circuit Training was very intense with burpees everywhere!!! 1st Round – 10 secs quick feet / 10 secs burpees / 45 secs machine x 17 machines / 1 minute jumping jacks / 3 Minutes rest 2nd Round – 10 secs high knee / 10 secs burpees / 45 secs…

#pgaCT – Session 9

Circuit Training w/Equipment with PGA. Our 9th session and it aint getting easy.  

#16.08.2017 & pgaCT Session 8

Breakfast with black coffee no sugar and two slice of bread. Trying to increase my water intake as advised by my coach. Lunch is chicken soup (just the chicken) air fried potatoes and cabbage. Fruits for mid afternoon snack but not all. Went to the gym in the evening for Circuit Training and met these…

#Weigh In

Sunday, 13 August 2017 is our first weigh in session with PGA. When we started on 30 July, I gave a rough figure which was 70kg. My fat percentage at that time was also about 40%. Anyway, I was really excited to see my results yesterday. PGA used a different kind of weighing machine to…